Our past proves our future viability

Founded in 1914 by Georg Oehlhorn and Sally Kahn, our company has steadily and sustainably transformed over the past 100 years.

Political events, economic and financial crises as well as new market conditions have changed and shaped our company into what it is today.

This flexibility, which enables us to adapt to new circumstances and situations in the market, as well as the continuity and creativity, which we apply to challenges time and over again, are the core features of the OEKATECH team.

This makes us a reliable partner for our customers. For over 100 years. As well as in the future.

The Company′s History

OEKAMETALL was founded on 1 February 1914 upon entry into the commercial register as the "New Metal Goods Factory Bamberg, Oehlhorn & Kahn General Partnership".

In the 1920s, the core competence of deep drawing was further expanded and enhanced with the aid of progressive and transfer presses.

After the Nazis came into power in 1933, companies were evaluated as to whether their production should be classified as essential to the war. Oehlhorn & Kahn also had to play its part. In these hard times, the company also focused on innovation. In 1936, it applied for its first patent.

The late 1950s and the 1960s were marked by extensive land acquisitions and construction projects. A new hall with a shed structure was built for metalworking and a branch was established in nearby Burgebrach.

In 1972, shareholders decided to convert the corporate form of a general partnership (OHG) into a limited partnership (KG). Heinz Oehlhorn and his son Heinz Werner Oehlhorn ran the business as general partners. Entry into the automotive industry.

In 1987, Gerald Oehlhorn became a member of the OEKAMETALL team. The company form changed in 1993 from a limited partnership to a GmbH & Co. KG. From then on, the managing partners were Heinz Werner Oehlhorn and Gerald Oehlhorn.

In 1999, the first student began his dual studies at OEKAMETALL. The aspiring graduates in business administration and industrial engineering completed their studies in 3-month intervals at the university and at OEKAMETALL.

Acquisition of OEKA by GEKA GmbH.

Demerger of metal production into a separate GmbH, OEKATech Automotive GmbH.
Acquisition of OEKATech by the Munich-based investment company Radial Capital Partners.
Since April 2016, the business focus has been on metalworking and metal forming for the automotive and non-automotive markets.

Mailing Address
OEKA TECH Automotive GmbH
Laubanger 2
96052 Bamberg

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OEKA TECH Automotive GmbH
Laubanger 2
96052 Bamberg