We set the bar high. For ourselves.

For over 100 years, OEKATECH has impressed its customers with innovative thinking, quality, flexibility and service.

In addition to an obligation to preserve tradition and an entrepreneurial passion, this is based on guiding principles that we live by.

Day after day.
For over 100 years.

Employee satisfaction

At OEKATECH, each employee can realise their own full potential to the benefit of the company. Because only those who feel comfortable in our company will be able to find joy in working and successfully perform their tasks.

Innovative thinking means finding solutions.

We are open to new ideas and constantly strive to improve ourselves. We make decisions and act independently. We encourage the development of products and processes.

Quality means living up to our claims, internally and externally.

We identify with our products. We are a reliable partner. We ensure quality.

Flexibility means finding answers.

We find solutions. We exchange ideas across all levels. We work systematically and set priorities.

Service means knowing requirements and making offers.

We trust and are confident in each other. We respond to our customers' wishes. We offer everything – from the idea to the product.

Values ​​can not be taught, but only demonstrated.

(Viktor Frankl)

We treat our employees with respect. We take responsibility for ourselves and others. We offer freedom and orientation.


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OEKA TECH Automotive GmbH
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