Deep Drawing

Our deep-drawn parts: reliable and with high-precision.

In our metal processing, we manufacture high-precision metal parts using deep-drawing processes with an accuracy of up to 12μm. With modern progressive presses and forming presses we process millions of metal bands into deep-drawn components. The highest level of precision and consistent quality are the cornerstones of our high-volume production. Our customers from the automotive sector and other industrial sectors have valued and benefited from these characteristics for decades, making us their reliable producer and supplier. We would be pleased to also become yours.

Precise deep-drawn parts

Through our transfer press technology, the parts can be flexibly formed in all directions without binding to metal strips.

Process: Transfer press or progressive tool
Material: Steels, stainless steels, special steels (e.g. duplex, Inconel), copper and aluminium alloys
Sheet thickness: 0,2 to 3,5 mm
Reliable accuracy: up to 0,012 mm (12μm)
Surface finishing: Vibratory finishing (Rösler and Trowal), glass bead blasting, ball burnishing


Progressive forming presses/transfer presses

Number of steps: 11 to 22 steps
Press force range: 125 kN to 3000 kN (12,5 t to 300 t)

Board diameter:

maximum 160 mm

Draw depth: up to 92 mm


Deep drawing with progressive method

With the progressive die process, the parts are held in a sheet metal strip until they are finally released and moved through the individual tool stations in this manner.

Modular design  
Press force range: 750 kN to 1300 kN (75 t to 130 t)
Draw depth: up to 35 mm


Deep drawing with hydraulic presses

Individual tools

Press force range: 200 kN to 1000 KN (20 t to 100 t)
Board diameter: maximum 230 mm
Draw depth: up to 250 mm


Special processes

  • Linking several forming machines
  • Thread rolls
  • Bulging with flexible tools

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